December 8, 2023

Canadian LEGO® Deals (Feb. 22, 2019)

NOTE: links were removed from this article once deals expired.

LEGO® deals is coming at you a little later in the day this week… I apologize for that, but work was crazy today.


These affiliate links earn a small commission that helps keep the content at True North Bricks free. Prices are not shown here due to their ever changing nature, and requirements of the affiliate programs I belong to. However, the information is correct as of February 22.

As usual, there is a great list of savings to be had at Amazon this week. You can see them all by clicking here. In terms of the best deals that I saw today, have a look at the following sets:

  • City: Cargo Train
  • Nexo Knights: Axl’s Tower Carrier
  • Star Wars: Sandcrawler
  • Star Wars: Imperial Conveyex Transport
  • Star Wars: Snoke’s Throne Room

The following LEGO® sets are on sale online:

  • DC Comics Super Heroes: Flying Fox
  • Nexo Knights: Aaron’s X-bow
  • Star Wars: BB-8 
  • Star Wars: Han Solo’s Landspeeder

In addition to the sets above, a large number of LEGO® books are on sale online. These books often come with bricks, ideas, and exclusive Minifigures. To view all of the LEGO® books, click here. The best deals that I noticed were:

  • LEGO® Gadgets by Klutch
  • LEGO® Ninjago: Build Your Own Adventure
  • The LEGO® Neighborhood Book 2
  • LEGO® DC Super Heroes: Build Your Own Adventure
    • Click here to read my review of this book
  • LEGO® Batman Visual Dictionary
  • LEGO® DC Super Heroes: Official Justice League Training Manual

Sadly, there are no freebies to be had this week with purchases. However, you can still get double VIP points on the Pop-Up Party Bus set from the LEGO® Movie 2 (click here to see that product at Otherwise, you can view all of the sales at the LEGO® Store by clicking here.


The prices are compared to the regular price at the LEGO® Store. You do not need a membership to access these deals online.

  • City: Mountain Police Headquarters for $84.99 (23% off)
  • City: Passenger Train for $154.99 (23% off)
  • City: Downtown Fire Brigade for $111.09 (20% off)
  • Classic: Large Creative Brick Box for $49.99 (17% off)
  • Creator: Cruising Adventures for $62.99 (21% off)
  • DC Comics Super Heroes: Remote Controlled Batmobile for $99.99 (17% off)
  • Friends: Snow Resort Ice Rink for $34.99 (13% off)
  • Friends: Mia’s Treehouse for $29.99 (25% off)
  • Friends: Friendship House for $74.99 (17% off)
  • Friends: Heartlake City Resort for $102.99 (20% off)
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Great Hall for $109.99 (15% off)
  • Harry Potter: Whomping Willow for $75.99 (15% off)
  • Ideas: Saturn V Rocket for $118.99 (21% off)
  • Ideas: Ship in a Bottle for $79.99 (11% off)
  • Jurassic World: Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape for $89.99 (10% off)
  • Jurassic World: Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate for $126.99 (15% off)
  • LEGO® Movie 2: Pop Up Party Bus for $90.09 (10% off)
  • LEGO® Movie 2: Emmet’s Dream House for $79.99 (12% off)
  • Marvel Super Heroes: Thanos Ultimate Battle for $74.99 (17% off)
  • Minecraft: The Bedrock Adventures for $89.99 (10% off)
  • Ninjago Movie: Ninjago City for $279.99 (20% off)
  • Ninjago: The Dragon Pit for $139.99 (13% off)
  • Ninjago: Monastery of Spinjitzu for $89.99 (10% off)
  • Speed Champions: Ferrari Ultimate Garage for $119.99 (8% off)
  • Star Wars: First Order Heavy Assault Walker for $123.99 (27% off)
  • Star Wars: Kessel Run Millennium Falcon for $154.99 (23% off)
  • Star Wars: Imperial TIE Fighter for $68.99 (23% off)
  • Star Wars: Sandcrawler for $115.99 (27% off)
  • Technic: Rally Car for $109.99 (21% off)
  • Technic: Forest Machine for $127.99 (29% off)
  • Technic: Mack Anthem Truck for $189.99 (17% off)
  • Technic: Heavy Duty Forklift for $69.99 (22% off)
  • Technic: Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer for $99.99 (29% off)


  • Batman Movie: Bane Toxic Truck Attack for $51.99 (20% off)
  • Batman Movie: Joker’s Notorious Lowrider for $51.99 (20% off)
  • Batman Movie: Joker Balloon Escape for $11.89 (30% off)
  • Creator: Modular Poolside Holiday for $29.99 (25% off)
  • Elves: Azari and the Goblin Forest Escape for $21.24 (15% off)
  • Elves: Breakout from the Goblin King’s Fortress for $71.99 (20% off)
  • Juniors: Cars – Willy Butte Speed Training for $17.49 (30% off)
  • Juniors: Cars – Mater Junkyard for $11.04 (15% off)
  • Marvel Super Heroes: Ultimate Battle for Asgard for $51.99 (20% off)
  • Ninjago: Manta Ray Bomber for $33.99 (15% off)

Until March 7, the following deals can be had:

  • 20% off on all regularly priced Friends sets
  • 20% off on all regularly priced Creator sets
  • 20% off on all regularly priced Classic kits
  • 20% off on all Star Wars sets