September 24, 2023

Pick-and-Build Minifig Update (Sept. 2018)

I made my way to the LEGO® Store recently to check out the pick-and-build Minifigure station. It is always good to check at least once a season for some new, holiday related part. Luckily, I was not disappointed on my recent trek, and Halloween pieces were aplenty.

The reason for my Pick-and-Build purchase at the LEGO® Store.

The parts available now allow you to build variations on past ghouls from retired Minifigure series, but you can also get your hands on Jack-o-Lanterns. Despite my recent Harry Potter Minifigure purchases (made on a separate trip), I could not resist. I made myself three characters, and scored three pumpkins in the process.

Most of the parts for Spider Lady from Minifigures Series 14 are available in the new selection of parts at the LEGO® Store.

The first Minifig that I built was essentially Spider Woman, from Series 14. The only parts missing in the current pick-and-build selection are the cape pieces she originally came with. In terms of differences, her face print is ever so slightly changed when it comes to the makeup. The detailing on her dress is the same in terms of pattern, but it has been printed in pink instead of red. The silver spiders from the original have been replaced with a darker grey, and a necklace has been added as well. Finally, the hairpiece does not have the spider web printed on it.

Witch pieces available in the current LEGO® Store pick-and-build selection for fall 2018.

You can also make a variation on the Wacky Witch from the same series. Her pants were not available when I went, but they were a couple of months ago. So, your local store might have them. Again, the cloth piece (skirt) was not available. Like with the Spider Woman, the makeup printing is slightly different from the original in terms of color. The colors used on her torso appears to be the same on first glance, but side-by-side, you can see that the coloring on the newer version is more vibrant. The hat/hairpiece is also a different color, going from purple and grey on the original to different shades of tan on this variant. You can get a broom stick, but I really wanted those pumpkins.

Vampire pieces available in the current LEGO® Store pick-and-build selection for fall 2018.

My last Minifigure is a vampire. He looks pretty similar to Lord Vampyre from the Monster Hunters theme of old. He does not have a double-sided face though, and the head is not glow in the dark. Instead, he comes with only the fang-bearing print, and a grey skin tone. Like with the others, you can’t get the cape. Finally, the detailing on this Minifigure’s torso has been changed from red to purple. You can get a bat as an accessory if you so choose.

I thought these were fun, seasonal changes to the pick-and-build station. The Jack-o-Lanterns are great, and can actually be worn over a Minifigure head. I guess this really means that fall is in the air though… Did you build your own Halloween characters? Feel free to comment below.

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