September 29, 2023

A Banana at the Beach (Day 1)

It’s a rainy morning in Puerto Veijo, Costa Rica. Honestly, that doesn’t bother me. My wife and I knew it would be the rainy season when we booked this trip. The rain gives me time to sit and blog. It’s supposed to clear up this afternoon, so I’ll get out later. We have a really nice villa here at the Banana Azul hotel to pass this time in. I am looking out at our private garden as I write, listening to the rain fall.

A banana at the beach.

Since it’s not currently ideal beach weather, I thought I would share a couple of my Minifigure photos from yesterday. I already posted one along with my usual Minifigure Monday post (click here to read it). Knowing that I would be staying at a hotel named “Banana Azul”, I couldn’t resist to bring my banana Minifigure. He ended up in the photo above with the key chain for our villa patio doors.

“Black, all great beaches are black sand beaches.”

My wife and I went on a long stroll down the beach yesterday. The main beach in Puerto Veijo is a black sand beach, which derives from volcanic sediments. I brought my beach attire Batman Minifigures along with me too. I couldn’t resists making plays on the predisposition to black from the LEGO® Movies with the black sand. I figure it’s the perfect beach for LEGO® Batman. When I posted yesterday, I was torn between the image I ended up using, and the one above. I liked both, so now you get to see both as well!

Stay tuned for more Minifigures from Costa Rica!