December 7, 2023

Great Day and Contest Update!

Wow – what a day! It all began with a trip to the LEGO® Store. As many of you know, you get double VIP points with all purchases this week. Spending $199 or more will also get you the beach tote bag. Since I am leaving on my long awaited beach vacation to Costa Rica in just one week, obviously I had to get the tote bag! With double VIP points as well, this was the opportunity that I was waiting for to finally get Destiny’s Bounty from the Ninjago Movie.

My new Destiny’s Bounty and beach tote bag!

Then, I get home and start tweeting about my purchase, when I see a tweet from fellow Canadian LEGO® fan, Canada Brick Dude (click here to visit his YouTube channel). He found Clayface Splat Attack from the LEGO® Batman Movie for $10.00 at Walmart. This set normally costs $44.99 in Canada, so you are looking at a phenomenal savings of 78%. You don’t get a deal like that everyday! I quickly checked online, but the deal was not available. So, back into the car, and off to Walmart I went. Canada Brick Dude’s video shows the discounted price on the box. At my Walmart, there was no indication that the price had changed. I grabbed a box anyway, and went to the price-check station. Sure enough, the price popped up at $10.00. SOLD!!! I spent way too much on LEGO® today, but I saved almost 80% on one set, got $20 worth of VIP points, and a beach tote bag for my vacation. Do I feel guilty? A little. Do I feel like it’s Christmas? Absolutely.

I picked Clayface Splace Attack up for $10 at my local Walmart!

Finally, on to a little bit of news. I have been running a giveaway here on True North Bricks for the last month. Up for grabs is one Jurassic World Dr. Wu Minifigure. The results are in, and I got over 100 likes on Facebook for this promotion. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! At this point in time, the draw has been completed. I have notified the winner, and am just waiting for their response before publishing their name. If they do not respond in a reasonable amount of time, I will draw another name.

Did you take advantage of double VIP points? Find another great deal this weekend? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time,