September 30, 2023

LEGO-fied: Unite the Seven

Back in 2015, when Batman V Superman was just gearing up, the first official image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman began to make the rounds of the internet. Pasted across the poster was the phrase “Unite the Seven”. This was taken by many as an indication that the Justice League film would unite seven heroes. I remember being in that boat myself. However, when the film finally hit theaters, “Unite the Seven” had become “Unite the League”, and only six members of the Justice League showed up. Given the problematic production of the movie, many considered this change to be the result of re-writes, and the axing of a superfluous character.

The original photo I took of my Aquaman Minifigure, and turned into the poster below.

However, another interesting theory is worth considering. “Unite the Seven” only ever appeared on a photo of Aquaman. As many of you know, Aquaman is known as the King of the Seven Seas. According to the DC mythos, Aquaman spends much of his life away from the underwater nation of Atlantis, only to eventually return to the throne and effectively unite the seven seas under one rule. So, perhaps “Unite the Seven” was never about Justice League at all?

Aquaman “Unite the Seven” poster re-imagined using LEGO

In any case, this week, I have decided to LEGO-fy the “Unite the Seven” poster featuring Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. Despite what critics might say, I liked Justice League, and Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman in it. I also really liked this poster when it was released a few years ago. Here’s hoping the Aquaman movie coming out later this year will be entertaining. This post also serves as a not so subtle hint about this week’s set review…

Until next time,