December 8, 2023

Review – Spinjitzu Training [70606]

Spinjitzu Training was not originally a set that I had on my “to buy” list, but I needed the Minifigs in this set, and this set was the cheapest way to get them. They were put to use in my A-to-Z Challenge post for the letter “N” (click here if you want to see it). Additionally, I had a $10 LEGO voucher for Toys R Us, which effectively brought the cost of this set down to $3.00 for me.  So, let’s see how this little set holds up!

LEGO Spinjitzu Training box art.

Set Summary

NAME: Spinjitzu Training
SET #: 70606
THEME: The Ninjago Movie
COST: $12.99 CAD
RELEASE DATE: August 1, 2017

LEGO Spinjitzu Training box contents.

Summary Review: 85%

VALUE: 90% (Below average cost per brick at $0.12.)
BUILD: 90% (Nice little set, would have liked more “togetherness” though.)
MINIFIGURES: 100% (Nicely design Minifigs, great brick:fig.)
ENTERTAINMENT: 60% (The build time is a little costly, but the set is fun.)

LEGO Spinjitzu Training katana rack.


VALUE: 90%
Spinjitzu Training costs $12.99 in Canada. With 109 pieces in the kit, you are paying $0.12 per brick. The average per brick in 2017 was $0.13 based on my analysis of the LEGO catalogues that I got in the mail (click here to read my review). So, this set is a pretty good value, even at full price. I give it 4.5/5 (90%) in this category.

LEGO Spinjitzu Training training dummy.

BUILD: 90%
You get a few little dojo accessories in this kit. The first thing you build is a training dummy of sorts. It rocks around like floor-based punching bags do, which is nice. There is also a wooden dummy assembly, and a katana stand. The main build is a corner display for a dojo with a little lantern, and scroll on the wall with Master Wu’s insignia. My favorite piece is the corner display. While this set is not stand-alone by any means, each of the little builds is neat in its own right. For the price, I am hard pressed to find anything really wrong with Spinjitzu Training. I suppose I would have liked it more if there wasn’t so many loose bits (in other words, if the katana rack and wooden dummy had been incorporated into the corner display somehow). I give this set 9/10 as a build score.

LEGO Spinjitzu Training wooden dummy.

Spinjitzu Training comes with Kai and Zane Minifigures. Neither comes with a hairpiece, but both have their two-piece ninja cowls. Each Minifigure also has a double-sided face, front and back printed torsos, and front leg printing. Each Minifig can earn 15 points on my rating scale, so out of the total of 30, I give these guys 24 for design. Additionally, there are four katanas, a bow, quiver, a hand claw, iron fist, and samurai helmet in the kit too. Kai also has a shoulder holster for his swords, and Wu’s insignia is a printed tile and not a sticker. All of these accessories easily bring the total Minifigure design score up to 30/30 (100%).

With 109 bricks, these two Minifigures give you a brick:fig ratio of about 55:1. That is excellent, and also earns 100%. So, with perfect scores for design and brick:fig ratio, I give Spinjitzu Training 100% for its Minifigs.

This set took me 13 minutes to build. At the full price of $12.99, that means each minute of build time costs $1.00. That is pretty expensive in my books, and earns 1/5 (20%). I am really happy that I picked this one up for $3.00 through a Toys R Us promo (which brought my build time cost down to $0.23). The set is nice though, and I will be keeping it more or less as it is. I would like to build a martial arts school in my LEGO city, so these pieces will fit in there nicely. In that respect, it earns 5/5 for my enjoyment of it. If we consider the full price of this set, and then average the build-time score and my enjoyment score, this set gets 60% for overall entertainment.

LEGO Spinjitzu Training corner display.

Overall: 85%

Spinjitzu Training is not really a stand alone set, but it gives you some fun little builds to incorporate into your own projects and/or play. You get a really good value per brick, and a great brick-to-Minifigure ratio. The Minifigures are also nicely designed, and comes with a number of accessories. The only real drawback to this set is that you don’t get a lot of build time for the price. This is not a bad buy if you are into Ninjago.

Until next time!