September 29, 2023

Minifigure Monday – The Dance of Tooth & Tusk

The Dance of Tooth and Tusk
(An original LEGO inspired poem from True North Bricks)

The Sun sits low upon a golden hill,
Its fading rays signal the coming dusk.
The hunter stretches in a forest still,
And so begins the dance of tooth and tusk.
Through keenest nose, the trail to follow found,
A murderous quest is now underway.
Through sharpest ear, predator scans for sound,
A life will be taken by break of day.
With glowing eyes, leopard finds his quarry,
A hog unaware of his final moments.
The advance begins, slow and predatory,
Closing the distance between opponents.
The charge is swift, leaving no chance for fight,
A blood curdling cry breaks the silent night.

The inspiration for this poem was the leopard figurine from the LEGO Jungle Exploration Site (60161)