December 4, 2023

Out & About with Minifigures at Montreal Comic Con

This past weekend was Montreal’s annual Comic Con at the Palais des Congrès. My wife and I decided to go on Sunday and have a look around. I was quite excited to meet the Punisher himself, Jon Bernthal. I had tried to meet him last year at Fan Expo in Toronto, but another engagement kept him away. So, I was pretty happy when I heard Mr. Bernthal was coming to my hometown. My wife enjoys browsing the artisans at these events, so these conventions are generally a win-win for us.

Minifigures at the Palais des Conges de Montreal for Comic Con.

As a LEGO enthusiast, I am always hopeful to find some fun stuff at events such as this. Normally, the LEGO presence is minimal unless you are Fan Expo (which LEGO actually attends). This time around, I was happy to note an ever so slight increase in the amount of LEGO stuff present. Warner Bros Games was there this year, and they were giving away Dr. Wu Minifigures from Jurassic World for free! I loved the Jurassic World theme, and even though I already had Dr. Wu from the Indominus rex set, I was happy to get another, especially since he came with another piece of amber. He is otherwise identical to the one from the set. The Warner Bros booth was also giving away the poster for their new Marvel LEGO game.

The WB Games booth and the Dr. Wu Minifigure they were giving away for free!

Most of the time, you generally only find vendor upon vendor of FLego figurines. They charge $6 a pop for those at these shows, which is a rip off in my opinion. The quality is hit and miss, but always inferior to actual LEGO. Plus, you can get a blind-Minifigure bag for $4 in store. Occasionally, you get lucky and find a vendor with actual LEGO. That was the case this year at Comic Con. I found a guy who had Minifigures from several of the actual series that have been discontinued. On top of that, they were reasonably priced. I got them all cheaper than what I would have paid on eBay, and even less than what I paid at previous conventions. In all, I bought six Minifigures, for $7.50 each.

My Minifigure haul from Montreal Comic Con 2017.

From left to right, the Minifigures that I got were:

  1. Sumo Wrestler – Series 3
  2. Hula Dancer – Series 3
  3. Pharaoh – Series 2
  4. Intergalactic Girl – Series 6
  5. Dr. Wu – Jurassic World polybag
  6. Yeti – Series 11
  7. Zookeeper – Series 5
The free Dr. Wu polybag from the WB Games booth.

Otherwise, there was a lot of the usual stuff at Comic Con. A lot of really cool vendors with a lot of cool stuff. There was a giant sasquatch at booth advertising for paintball. Of course, there was also a lot cosplayers. I was impressed with the roster of celebrities this year too. I only got Jon Bernthal’s autograph, but if I had more disposable income, I probably would have picked up a couple of others. I still remember when Montreal’s Comic Con was a much smaller event with no celebrities. I also remember when celebrity autographs were $20… Jon Bernthal was a pretty cool guy though, and he has been in two of my favorite shows (Walking Dead and Daredevil). I can’t wait to see him in the Punisher spinoff.

Are we related?

Did you go to Montreal Comic Con this past weekend? Let me know what your favorite experience was in the comments below.

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Minifigures at Montreal Comic Con 2017