December 10, 2023

Who Has the Best LEGO Deal? [With a review of “My Minifigure Companion”]

Chapters and Indigo are having a promotion until March 12 in which you get a free “My Minifigure Companion” kit with every LEGO purchase over $25. You can also buy the kit for $4.95. Since this offer is in conjunction with their 20% off select LEGO deal, I decided to go in and take advantage of the savings. The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures are part of the sale, and you can currently get them all for $3.96 instead of $4.95, which puts them on par with the regular Minifigure series. So, I bought some Minifigs, and I got the freebie.

LEGO’s My Minifigure Companion promotion packaging.

The packaging for this kit is nice. It comes in a sleeve that shows the contents of the box, but one you remove the sleeve, it looks like a worn old suitcase. Inside, you get 41 bricks, a little “passport” that contains the building instructions and some photo ideas, as well as some paper speech bubbles to position with your Minifig in the photos.

LEGO’s My Minifigure Companion box contents.

The Minifigure is cute, but nothing we have not seen before. He has the classic face print, a green cap, spaceman shirt, and blue pants. He comes stocked with a variety accessories including a suitcase, camera, snowboard, cup, ice cream cone, bucket, sausage, fish, fishing line (which is actually a whip piece), scuba helmet, and flippers. You can also build a barbeque, beach chair with umbrella, and sand castle. There is also a clear rod to help position the Minifigure for photos, and the camera can be mounted on a tripod or selfie stick.

LEGO’s My Minifigure Companion kit contents.

Despite the Minifigure being generic, it is a fun kit. If you have LEGO purchases to make anyway, you might as well get the 20% off and get this kit, because it is certainly worth it as a freebie. The deal is actually better than Double VIP Points currently on at the LEGO Store, provided you are not planning on buying a rare set. Spending $50 at the LEGO Store right now will get you $5.00 off your next purchase, which is a savings of 10%. Spending half of that at Chapters will get you a kit worth $5.00, plus you get 20% off of the set you are actually purchasing. Chapters does not have rarer sets, like Assembly Square, so if you were waiting for double points to get your hands on that, then the LEGO store is still the way to go. For more common sets, Chapters is the better deal.

Happy shopping!