September 29, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Barbara Gordon

I’m guilty… Last night, I went and I saw The LEGO Batman Movie for the second time. I still rather enjoyed it. You can read my original review of the movie by clicking here. I do maintain that adding LEGO Dimensions into the mix was too much. But, I was able to catch a whole bunch of little details that I missed the first time around. For example, in the song “Who’s the (Bat)Man”, I noticed the line “Who never skips legs day… BATMAN!”. I spend a fair amount of time in the gym, and I hate legs day, so I found that hilarious. I guess I can’t skip anymore since Batman doesn’t. Also have to work on getting that nine pack… But, I digress.

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure series features Barbara in her police uniform. She comes with a new hairpiece/hat, and has printing on both the front and back of her torso. She does not have a double-sided face, or any leg printing. Barbara comes with handcuffs and the button for lighting up the Bat-signal that is seen in the movie. Despite her torso being well detailed, she does lose some points for design since her legs are plain and she doesn’t have an alternate face. I like this Minifigure, but she earns 7/10 for design. Until next time,


The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures – Barbara Gordon