Minifigure Monday – Lavaria

This week, I’m going to review my first Nexo Knights Minifigure. I don’t collect the theme, but I got this one for free with my last LEGO order. At first, I was taken with the resemblance this character shares with spider-legged Darth Maul from Star Wars. But, on closer examination, I realized that Lavaria is actually a woman.


LEGO Nexo Knights Lavaria

Overall, the Minifigure is actually quite impressive. She comes with a hooded, double-sided face. She also has front and back printing on her torso, and front printing on her legs. There is a neck attachment to hold her wings in place. She also comes with buildable, mechanical spider legs, a base, a crossbow, three shields, and two snakes. I give this Minifigure a full 10/10.

Until next time,



LEGO Nexo Knights Lavaria with spider legs.

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