December 2, 2023

Dog Show Minifigure Monday [LEGO Review]

Much like last week with the babysitter (click here to read the review), I am neither impressed nor unimpressed with the Dog Show Winner. On the plus side, he has a new hairpiece that I did not previously own. He also comes with a dog that I did not have before. His trophy has a dog printed on it, which goes with the theme of the Minifigure. But, I would have preferred a plain silver cup for reuse purposes. This Minifig does not have a double sided face, rear torso printing, or any leg printing. The nice new dog and hairpiece earn him some brownie points, but overall I give the Dog Show Winner 6/10.

On a side note, the new MOC that I teased in last week’s Minifigure Monday post is now 100% completed… so, I have again included a little taste of it in this week’s picture.

Until next time,


LEGO Minifigures Series 16 – The Dog Show Winner