September 24, 2023

Weekend Coffee Share: Vacation’s End

If we were having coffee, we would be sitting on the dock, just like last week. Last week was a nice sunny morning, but today dark clouds are looming on the horizon. The wind is blowing, and it will probably start to rain soon. However, for the moment, the clouds have not reached us, and there is still sunlight shining on the dock. A fitting last morning on vacation…

It has been a relaxing two weeks off from the real world filled with walking, swimming, blogging, drawing, hiking, etc.

It has been a relaxing two weeks off from the real world. I have passed the time walking, swimming, blogging, drawing, hiking, sightseeing, and practising my photography skills. Not a worry in the world… until yesterday. Yesterday, it really started to sink in that I am soon going to be returning to the grind. As some of you already know, I am a high school teacher. I was updating the LEGO sales page on my blog, and all of the flyers were filled with “Back to School”. Anxiety started to kick in. This has been the first summer of my teaching career where I have decided to rest. I have done no lesson planning and I did not teach summer school, activities which have consumed my summers in years past. Yesterday, I started to feel really nervous about that.

Last school year was incredibly hectic and wore me out. I swore to myself at the start of the summer that I would not work for eight weeks. I would rest, recharge my batteries, and take the time to enjoy my hobbies again. I lasted this long, but the anxiety might get the better of me yet. Today is my last day at the cottage, but I still have just over two weeks before I physically have to enter the school again. I shouldn’t complain because I get to ease myself back into reality, which is more than my poor wife gets. She is back into regular life full swing on Monday. I suppose lesson planning from home wouldn’t be all that bad…

But, enough about impending doom. Like I said, today is my last day at the cottage! It is supposed to thunder and rain for most of the day, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. I brought a new, unopened box of LEGO with me for just this sort of day, and what better way to relax on my last day here than building?

I took the photo below while practising my nighttime photography. I was saving it for a post about campfires… but apparently we are not allowed to have campfires at this time of year in this particular municipality… Well, humans can’t have campfires, but no one said anything about Minifigures. Until next time,



p.s. Shout out to Part-Time Monster for hosting the Weekend Coffee Share.