September 29, 2023

Someone Call Animal Control! [LEGO Review]

LEGO Minifigures – Series 15 (Part 11): A Review of the Animal Control Officer.

Animal Control Officer colouring page


Just a quick little Minifigure review for you today. As usual, this review comes complete with a free colouring page! Click here to download.

I really like the science and wildlife related Minifigures, and this one falls into that category. The Animal Control Officer comes in a nice little uniform. The design is only printed on the front of the torso, however. The legs have no front or back print, but they have side printing, which adds a little detail. She has a double-sided face, one side features a smile and the other is a grossed out look. She comes with a net and a skunk. The skunk is a really nice add on, and is a fairly unique piece as far as I know. Based on my rating system, this Minifigure gets 8/10.

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Minifigures – Series 15 – Animal Control Officer