December 4, 2023

LEGO on vacation… Day 1.

My LEGO blog is going to change gears for the next couple of weeks. This morning, the wifey and I packed up and hit the road for our vacation. We have rented a cottage with the in-laws out on a little lake. My usual LEGO posts will be taking a back burner until I am back in civilization, and I will be focusing on simpler things. I will probably still post colouring pages since I like to draw. I will also continue to post LEGO pictures. I brought some choice Minifigures with me just for that reason! I also want to recreate moments from this trip with Minifigs. But, otherwise, my writing is going to be of a different nature for two weeks.

Packin’ up the old RV.

We got up somewhat early… it is vacation, so not too early. We packed up the car, and hit the road. Now, Minifigure me hit the road in my LEGO camper van (60057). Real me is staying in the aforementioned cottage. I just love that little camper, and have been itching for the chance to use it somewhere…

First stop… 5 minutes in…

Our first stop, after a whole five minutes of driving, was for an essential refuel, and I don’t mean gas. No road trip would be complete with out it. A Canadian staple, Tim Hortons coffee. I like having something to sip on a long drive. Not that the drive was very long… an hour and 40 minutes.

There is something to be said for driving somewhere. I like my tropical beach vacations as much as the next guy, but occasionally driving out into nature is just what the doctor ordered. I like the hills, mountains, and trees. There is this log cabin on the way up that dream about living in permanently. More to come once we’re a little more settled in.

LEGO wifey and me about to begin our two weeks of unwinding!