December 7, 2023

Meet Ewok!

Once again, this post is only marginally related to LEGO. I thought I would take a moment to acknowledge my LEGO building supervisor, Ewok. Never is a set built at home without quality control checks from her.

Ewok is a Persian. I never really wanted a cat, but my wifey did. A few years back, she would drag me into pet shops almost every time we were out to look at kittens. On one of those trips, we happened to see a little ball of fur in one of the displays. You could not see a head, tail, or feet. It was just fluff. We continued around the store, and on our way out, we passed the display again. This time, the fluff had turned into an Ewok. She was squatting on her rear feet, swatting at a toy. With her little smooshed in face, she looked exactly like an Ewok from Star Wars, minus the hood. My wife was so in love-at-first-sight that she actually cried when we left the little kitten at the store.

I have to admit, I was a little taken by the cat too. She had such a little personality. So, that night, as the wifey and I were watching TV, I said we could go back and get that specific cat. Little Ewok has been a part of the family every since.

Ewok, with an Ewok.