September 27, 2023

It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

LEGO Minifigures – Series 15 (Part 7): A review of the Flying Warrior.

This Minifig is loaded with accessories. He comes with armour, a winged helmet, a spear, and wings. In addition, he is impressively detailed on the front of the torso and legs. The paint job does not continue onto his back, but the back of the torso is, at least, covered by the armour. The back paint issue does bother me a little, but he is pretty unique, well detailed, and decked out with cool accessories. He gets 4.5/5 from me!

The picture I took of the Flying Warrior was meant to be like an attack using the Sun to blind the enemy. The “don’t-mess-with-me” look on this Minifig’s face inspired me to create a combat related scene. It was a bit tricky to get the Sun into the photo and behind the Minifigure. Most shots just ended up with a black blur and lots of sunlight… I think the end product is okay. Let me know what you think! Also, please take a minute to check out True North Bricks on Instagram and like the Flying Warrior photo (as well as others, if you are so inclined). You can also download your free Flying Warrior colouring page by clicking here.

Minifigures – Series 15 – Flying Warrior