September 28, 2023

LEGO Minifigures: Series 15 (Part 4)

A Review of the Astronaut.

Series 15: Astronaut ready for launch!

A while ago, I found the CITY Spaceport (60080) on sale at my local Walmart. I love space exploration. I know I am not alone in that. As a science teacher, I find the lessons that my students get most excited about are the ones that have to do with space. I often read articles in class to my students about the latest space research, and it just ignites their curiosity. I have been guilty of even throwing my lesson plan out the window and just going off on that tangent with them, spending the whole class talking about extrasolar planets, or water on Mars, or whatever else the topic might be. So, getting this set on sale was super cool for me. It also gives me a prop to help teach about rocket ships and launches next year when I get to the forces segment of the course. I especially loved that the set came with not only astronauts, but also a rocket scientist minifig. Which brings me to today’s review.


The Astronaut from behind.

I was very happy to add another astronaut to my Spaceport. This one does not have the full-on portable life support system that the astronauts from the Spaceport set have, but he still sports a pretty detailed spacesuit. The front is really nicely done with printing on the torso and legs, as well as on the arms and a little on the sides of the legs. The back doesn’t really have much going on. In pace of the full life support system, this guy only has simpler oxygen tanks. So, not much space-walking for this astronaut. But, he can still pilot the ship! I like that he has a gold visor to match the other astronauts.


My overall thoughts on this minifig are that he is nicely detailed, but I might have liked him a little more if he had come with the larger spacesuit seen in 60080. All in all, I give him a 4/5.

Download your free Series 15 Astronaut colouring page here!