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August 1st Release Guide

August 1 Release Guide

Happy Friday fellow AFOLs! In anticipation of lots of great sets coming out soon, we’re bringing you an August 1st release guide to help you with your shopping! Many of us collectors feel that “First of the Month” dilemma of what sets to grab immediately and what to hold off on. It’s first-world LEGO®️ problems, but ya know, we’re still

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Canadian LEGO® Deals (07/29/22)

NOTE: All links were removed from this article after one week. For up to date deals, visit our deals page. This week’s Canadian LEGO® Deals (07/29/22) include a similar assortment to previous weeks. No GWPs this week, though we may get a change soon. The Harry Potter promo (which is no longer online, but still available in some stores) is

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International Tiger Day 2022 Build

International Tiger Day 2022

Happy International Tiger Day 2022! As you might have guessed, July 29 is an annual event celebrating the tiger, Panthera tigris. Additionally, this is a special International Tiger Day because we are in the Year of Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac. It just so happens that the tiger is also my favorite animal. Therefore, it was important for me

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Canadian LEGO® Deals (07/22/22)

NOTE: Links were removed from this article after one week. This week’s Canadian LEGO® Deals (07/22/22) include a good list, but it is a bit shorter than last week. Additionally, the LEGO® website no longer lists the Harry Potter GWPs that were supposed to run until the end of the month. However, I was in store this past week and

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Avatar Sets Revealed at SDCC

Avatar Sets Revealed

Back in June, LEGO® Con 2022 revealed the first set from the upcoming theme based on James Cameron’s Avatar. Now, four more Avatar sets were revealed at San Diego Comic Con. As a fan of the first film, I cannot wait to see the sequel this coming December. Additionally, I have eagerly waited to see more sets from the LEGO®

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Paris & London Postcard Review

Paris and London Postcards

Paris & London are the latest cities in the Creator postcard sub-theme. Both the Paris Postcard (40568) and the London Postcard (40569) feature iconic landmarks in a slim, compact model. The postcard sub-theme is a microscale theme similar to the Architecture line and have many similarities to the Architecture skyline sub-theme. However, the postcards are even more compact. These are

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LEGO® Set Price Increases

LEGO Set Price Increases

Recently, one of our readers wrote to me about price changes to LEGO® sets at a Canadian retailer. I went to have a look. Indeed, Club Jouet recently changed their pricing for LEGO® sets. Interestingly, this store generally prices their sets in line with the LEGO® Store. We all know that about a quarter of the LEGO® catalog goes up

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LEGO® Atari 2600 (10306) Revealed

LEGO Atari 2600 Revealed

After the success of the Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) released in 2020, the LEGO® Group just announced their follow up retro console set. The LEGO® Atari 2600 hits store shelves on August 1, 2022. The original gaming system debuted in September 1977, retailing for around $200 USD. Interestingly, you will pay more this model than the original system… Of course,

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14-Foot Bowser at Comic-Con

14-foot Bowser at Comic-Con

The legendary San Diego Comic-Con returns from July 21-24, 2022. Additionally, the LEGO® Group will be there with loads of fun stuff in store. Among those, a life-sized, brick-built rendition of the King Koopa himself. You read that correctly. There will be 14-foot Bowser at Comic-Con this year. Not only that, he is motorized. While San Diego might be far

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LEGO® Leaves Russia

LEGO Leaves Russia

The LEGO® Group has over 830 stores worldwide as of 2022. However, 81 of those stores are shuttering their doors indefinitely as LEGO® leaves Russia. This announcement came via Reuters last week. The LEGO® Group paused all shipments to Russia in March following the nation’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Consequently, LEGO® Stores in Russia faced dwindling supplies for several months.

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