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Harry Potter Summer 2022 Sets Revealed

Attention Muggles! The newest selection of sets for the Summer 2022 wave of the Harry Potter theme has just been revealed. The LEGO®️ Group surprised us all this morning with the announcement of all-new awesomeness on their social media channels. An impressive 7 new sets are currently up on LEGO.COM with a release date of June 19th in North America.

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Top 10 Biggest Sets 2021

It has been a while since we have taken a look at the largest LEGO® sets of all time. In fact, the last installment was in fall of 2020. A lot has changed since then. The LEGO® Group’s ambitious designs over the last year have knocked five previous title holders off of the list. Incidentally, the rankings no longer contain

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Harry Potter Summer 2020 sets

As summer approaches, so does the next wave of new LEGO® sets. We have already seen City, Creator, Ninjago, and Jurassic World. Today, direct from the LEGO® Group, we get the latest Harry Potter summer 2020 sets! Additionally, since the news is straight from the horse’s mouth, the pictures are detailed and all of the set specifics are included. All

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