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Wandering This Mortal Plane (Minifigure Monday)

Minifigure Monday is a weekly celebration of LEGO® characters through art. My recent review of the Haunted House (10273) inspired this week’s post. Consequently, Wandering This Mortal Plane explores the concept of lost souls. Additionally, rather than write a simple rhyme, I opted for a specific form of poetry this week. It has been a while since I last wrote a

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Haunted House (10273) Review

The Haunted House (10273) is the latest set in the LEGO® Fairground collection. The theme already includes the Ferris Wheel (10247), the Carousel (10257), and the Roller Coaster (10261). The earlier installments all fell under the Creator Expert moniker. However, Haunted House has shed that branding. The box design is markedly darker and more sophisticated. Additionally, the age limit now

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Haunted House Coming Soon

This summer, the Creator Expert line is returning to the fairground! 2015 saw the release of the Ferris Wheel, 2017 the Carousel, and 2018 the Roller Coaster. While the Creator 3-in-1 and City themes featured smaller fairground sets in the interim, this is the first large scale theme park ride in two years. This year’s attraction is the Haunted House

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