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Boulder Blaster (71736) Review

My collection of 10th anniversary golden ninja Minifigures continues to grow. This time, I have acquired and built the Ninjago Legacy Boulder Blaster (71736). Incidentally, it comes with the limited-edition Golden Kai character. In truth, I got the set for free for review purposes. However, I am a sucker for collectibles. Therefore, I might have acquired this set anyway just

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January 2021 Ninjago Sets Announced

The LEGO Group recently announced the January 2021 Ninjago sets. The wave contains a large mech and a number of vehicles. However, there is no mention yet of the rumored Ninjago City Gardens set. Given the popularity of the original Ninjago City set, I would not be surprised if that set gets its own press release sometime soon. In the

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