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Main Square (60271) Review

September 1, 2020 marks the official release date for several LEGO® sets. Among them is Main Square (60271). The LEGO® Group gave official word of the set in mid-August. Subsequently, they offered me the set as a pre-release review. I jumped at the opportunity for a few reasons. First, these big City sets give me a lot of inspiration for

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Top 10 Biggest City Sets

The first LEGO® City sets came out in 2005. It was the successor to the popular Town theme launched in 1978. City depicts Minifigures in real life scenarios. For that reason, the theme is popular with both children and adults. These sets and Minifigures help populate growing LEGO® cities around the world. The 2020 sets are adding to that legacy

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Main Square Coming Soon

September 1 is a big day. If you recall, COVID-19 shut down the LEGO® Group’s Mexico factory earlier this year. Consequently, they postponed all summer 2020 sets. The official word indicates Canadians can finally get their hands on those kits September 1. However, the sets have started popping up early at other retailers in the country. The JR Toy Company

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