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Optimus Prime (10302) Review

Today, we have a special review and set reveal all in one! Fans of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons will surely rejoice. On June 1, 2022, the LEGO® Group will release the Transformers Optimus Prime (10302) set. Incidentally, the kit is based on the iconic Hasbro franchise. The LEGO® Group sent True North Bricks a pre-release copy of the set for

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Summer 2022 Monkie Kid Sets

Monkie Kid is an interesting theme. It offers stunning sets, like the Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain. However, it also delivers a ridiculous number of Ninjago-like vehicles, like Red Son’s Inferno Jet. Needless to say, I am big fan of the scenic sets and buildings. Less so the vehicles. It looks like the summer 2022 Monkie Kid sets bring a similar

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Summer 2022 Minecraft Sets

The warm summer months are coming, and with them arrive a whole new selection of LEGO® sets. We’ve covered a number of the themes already (click here for more). In addition to those, we now have the Canadian details for the upcoming summer 2022 Minecraft sets. THE BAKERY SET #: 21184 COST: $34.99 CAD BRICK COUNT: 154 MINIFIGURES: 2 RELEASE

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Rolling Stones Art Revealed

The Rolling Stones are turning 60… as in the band is 60… the band members are considerably older. In fact, I recently read that the average age of the surviving band members is 76. But what better way to celebrate the band’s 60th anniversary than with an epic LEGO® Art set? That’s right, the LEGO® Group is producing Rolling Stones

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Summer 2022 Ninjago Sets

The upcoming LEGO® releases keep rolling in with the announcement of the summer 2022 Ninjago sets. Nine sets were revealed this week, all taking inspiration from season 15, otherwise known as Crystalized. Ninjago fans will likely delight in the new character designs and impressive designs. The Crystal King is particularly impressive. Sadly, the locals and buildings are lacking for Ninjago

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