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Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter Update

Back in November, the LEGO® Group announced the 2021 Chinese New Year sets. Along with the announcement, they teased the first set from the upcoming wave of Monkie Kid sets. Today, more details surfaced concerning the Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter set. Interestingly, the set’s name changed since the last press announcement. The LEGO® Group previously advertised it as a “quadcopter”

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Top 10 Favorite Minifigures of 2020

With 2020 firmly behind us, I thought we would take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights of the year. It certainly was one for books. However, despite pandemics, politics, and environmental disasters, it was not all bad. For LEGO® collectors, there were many great moments. For my look back, I decided to reflect on my top 10

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Monkie Kid Coloring Page

The LEGO® Group released a new theme earlier in 2020 called the Monkie Kid. They produced eight sets back in May. Additionally, the Asian market received an animated series aired. Hopefully it will hit North America soon. Coming up this week, I have my first Monkie Kid set review. Consequently, I produced a Monkie Kid coloring page featuring series’ main

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The Monkie Kid

What is the Monkie Kid all about? Recently, the LEGO® Group announced their new theme, the Monkie Kid. Earlier this week, I published a look at the sets (click here to see them). However, what is it all about? In short, the LEGO® theme produced their first ever theme based on Chinese folklore. In fact, the LEGO® Group developed the

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Monkie Kid Sets

NOTE: This article was updated after initial publication to include Canadian pricing information. Rumors have circulated the web for weeks now regarding the new theme from the LEGO® Group. At last, the official news is out. Consequently, we have a rundown of the new Monkie Kid sets coming out this summer. Monkie Kid is based on the popular Chinese tale

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