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Mini Robots (40413) Review

The latest iteration of LEGO® Mindstorms is now in stores. To celebrate, from October 15 until November 1, 2020, spending over $100 at the LEGO® Store earns you a free mini, non-programmable version of the set. I got my hands on Mini Robots (40413) as part of my recent double VIP points haul. With time left to score your own,

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Mindstorms Update!

The LEGO® Group released MINDSTORMS EV3 seven years ago. Other robotics systems came out in the interim, namely Spike Prime and Boost. However, the time has come for a MINDSTORMS update. After all, it was MINDSTORMS that started LEGO® robotics over 20 years ago. The new kit is called the MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 5-in-1 and is set for release at

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