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Avatar Harumi Coloring Page

In January 2020, the LEGO® Group released the Ninjago Gamer’s Market (71708) set. The kit contained one of my favorite Minifigures for the year so far, Avatar Harumi. I love that the costume so closely resembles that of Uma Thurman’s character in the Kill Bill films. Additionally, it has been a while since I last produced a Ninjago coloring page.

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Gamer’s Market (71708) Review

Since emerging from my LEGO® dark ages, Ninjago has steadily grown into one of my favorite themes. Admittedly, many of the sets cater to a younger generation of cartoon enthusiasts. However, the more-than-occasional gem also springs from the series. One that caught my eye in the early 2020 selection was Gamer’s Market (71708). It was not the builds per-se, but

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