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10 Biggest Ninjago Sets 2022

Ninjago recently turned eleven years old. Incidentally, the first episode aired on January 14, 2011. With a history now spanning over a decade, the theme has offered many amazing sets. In fact, Ninjago remains one of my favorite themes because of the amazing architectural designs. Additionally, many AFOLs appreciate the theme because it offered us epic sets like the Ninjago

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Review – Destiny’s Bounty [70618]

The LEGO® Ninjago Movie has spurred some really epic sets. From Ninjago City (click here to read my review), to the Ninjago City Docks, and Destiny’s Bounty, this theme has really gone all out on detail. The latter set, Destiny’s Bounty, is the subject of this week’s review. While I was enthralled by the design of this set when it

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