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Braille Bricks Released

Back in April 2019, we received word that the LEGO® Group was producing Braille bricks. Now, the long wait is over. Today, Braille bricks were released in seven countries. By early 2021, the LEGO® Group aspires to have Braille bricks available in eleven different languages and twenty countries. While Canada is not part of the initial seven, the Braille Bricks

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LEGO® Audio and Braille Building Instructions

Not long ago, we learned about special LEGO® bricks that help blind children learn braille. Today, LEGO® Audio and Braille Instructions have been announced. The intention of this initiative is to make the LEGO® building experience more accessible to visually impaired kids. The pilot project launches today with the first four sets of instructions. Subsequently, the LEGO® Group will collect

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Bricks in Braille

I read a press release recently from the LEGO® Group that had me somewhat excited, and even feeling a little warm inside. This past week, the LEGO® Foundation announced its partnership with various associations serving visually impaired people around the world. The goal is to test out a new LEGO® product: Braille bricks. In our modern day and age of

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