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Ninjago Summer 2020 Sets

Earlier this week, I reported on the upcoming City and Creator 3-in-1 sets. Today, some early images of the Ninjago summer 2020 sets started to surface at online European toy retailers. This does not appear to be the full selection though. Earlier in the year, a list of sets circulated after the Nuremburg Toy Fair. The sets that appeared today

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Avatar Harumi Coloring Page

In January 2020, the LEGO® Group released the Ninjago Gamer’s Market (71708) set. The kit contained one of my favorite Minifigures for the year so far, Avatar Harumi. I love that the costume so closely resembles that of Uma Thurman’s character in the Kill Bill films. Additionally, it has been a while since I last produced a Ninjago coloring page.

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Gamer’s Market (71708) Review

Since emerging from my LEGO® dark ages, Ninjago has steadily grown into one of my favorite themes. Admittedly, many of the sets cater to a younger generation of cartoon enthusiasts. However, the more-than-occasional gem also springs from the series. One that caught my eye in the early 2020 selection was Gamer’s Market (71708). It was not the builds per-se, but

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Top 10 Pictures 2019

LEGO® bricks inspire me in many ways. Every Monday, I take a moment to share how Minifigures in particular get my creativity flowing. At times, I like to imagine scenarios in which these characters find themselves. Alternatively, they can remind me of something I have already seen, which I can then recreate. Sometimes, I just happen upon a fun shot

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Review: Monastery of Spinjitzu

This week’s LEGO® set review is the Ninjago Monastery of Spinjitzu (70670). When I first returned to LEGO® as an adult, I ignored the Ninjago theme. I focused on sets that could build up my LEGO® city. After the Ninjago Movie, and sets like Ninjago City (click here to read my review) and Ninjago City Docks (click here to read my

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News: Ninjago – Season 11

I have a bit of news for fans of the Ninjago series. The LEGO® Ambassador Network released a statement today concerning the upcoming season of the show. The press release is posted just below. But, to give you a quick summary, this season will be called “Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu“, and will feature 30 eleven minute long episodes. It

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