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A Wintery Scene (MOC)

When I was a kid, my younger sister and I built and played with LEGO® bricks together. However, when I returned to the hobby as an adult, building turned into a solitary hobby. Earlier this year, I joined an officially recognized LUG (LEGO® User Group – ParLUGment) to meet up with some like-minded individuals. Due to the pandemic, the meetings

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Custom Tim Hortons Coffee Shop

The LEGO® Group launched the first annual Build Day on December 26, 2020. They encouraged fans to show their builds on social media with the hashtag #LEGOBuildDay. With the usual Christmas rush, I think it is a great idea to just stay home and build something on Boxing Day. That is especially true with the current state of the world

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Willa’s Witching World MOC

It has been almost two months since my last MOC update. However, I have a good reason. My basement (and therefore LEGO® room) was in shambles. The original owners of my house did not install the sump pit properly. In fact, they did not really install a sump pit at all. It was just a bucket in the floor. So,

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Willa’s MOC Third Update

I must admit, progress on my latest MOC has been slow. However, after a couple of weeks of tinkering, it is time to share the Willa’s MOC third update. For those of you new to this project, I am building a sorcery boutique for the shopping promenade of my LEGO® city. Lately, most of my work focused on figuring out

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Willa’s MOC Second Update

This update contains free build instructions for an owl cage! The time has come for my Willa’s MOC second update! Almost two weeks passed since I posted the first look. So, this build is progressing a bit slower than my last custom creation, the lighthouse island. However, I faced a set back with this one. Shortly after my first update,

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