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Storybook (LEGO® Masters)

In episode 7, Storybook (LEGO® Masters), Will Arnett engaged five young LEGO® enthusiasts to help complete a Mad-Lib style story. In the ensuing challenge, the five remaining teams brought the story to life using bricks in just eight hours. The final product received judgement from the kids who fashioned the story as well as from the Brickmasters, Jaime and Amy.

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Building Super Bridges (LEGO® Masters)

Episode six of LEGO® Masters USA brought two challenges. First, contestants designed cars and then raced them down a track. The winning team earned precious extra time on the week’s main challenge, building super bridges six-feet wide. However, building a bridge was not enough. The bridge also needed to support as much weight as possible. The two teams whose bridges

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The Manny Interview (LEGO® Masters)

In episode four of LEGO® Masters USA, teams competed to build epic movie scenes featuring blockbuster genres. Following appearances by celebrity guests and a major twist, one team went home. Sadly, that team was Manny and Nestor. True North Bricks, The Brothers Brick, Brickset, and BZPower caught up with Manny for an interview following the elimination. Click here to read the Episode

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Movie Genres (LEGO® Masters)

Episode four, Movie Genres (LEGO® Masters) aired on February 26, 2020. Consequently, contestants faced the challenge of constructing a movie scene from a specific genre in just eight hours. Upon completion, guest stars Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (writers and directors of the LEGO® Movie) assigned each team a new theme to incorporate into their previous build. In the end,

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