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The Peach State LEGO® Scene

This past week, I had the good fortune of being able to travel to Atlanta, Georgia for a work-related workshop. As timing would have it, I ended up being able to spend some extra time in the Peach State, and was able to look around the city a little. What kind of LEGO® blogger would I be if I didn’t

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The Exorbitant Price of Airport LEGO®

After spending two wonderful weeks in Costa Rica, sadly the time came to head home. My wife and I spent our holiday in Puetro Veijo, next to a black sand beach on the southern Caribbean Sea. Puerto Veijo was a small town, with no major retailers (other than one chain grocery store). There was no LEGO® to be had, other

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Minifigure Monday – The Memories Are Here To Stay

The Memories Are Here To Stay (An original poem from True North Bricks, featuring Minifigures) The time has finally come, I fear, To return back home, my dear. Farewell to long walks on the beach, The crashing waves within our reach. Farewell to days lost in the Sun, Living free and having fun. It is back to the status quo,

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A Banana at the Beach (Day 1)

It’s a rainy morning in Puerto Veijo, Costa Rica. Honestly, that doesn’t bother me. My wife and I knew it would be the rainy season when we booked this trip. The rain gives me time to sit and blog. It’s supposed to clear up this afternoon, so I’ll get out later. We have a really nice villa here at the

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Minifigure Monday – Restore the Calm

Restore the Calm (An original vacation inspired poem from True North Bricks, featuring LEGO® Batman) When stress has been the day to day, The time has come to get away. When worry overcomes your mind, The beach will help you to unwind. When pressure’s like a ticking bomb, The crashing waves restore the calm.

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Of weekend getaways and comic cons…

My wife and I charge most of our purchases to our travel points credit card. This normally gives us the opportunity to make one or two weekend getaways each year. For the last couple of years, we have made the short trip to Ottawa in order to attend Comic Con, and our points cover the hotel cost. I love Comic

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