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Women in Medicine – Diverse Minifigures Series

This week we look at women in medicine as we continue the Diverse Minifigures Series. You might recall that last week we looked at the first female minifigure – a nurse. There have been several female nurses over the years. These have primarily been in Town and then later in City sets. However, rather than looking at LEGO® sets, I

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Female Minifigures – Diverse Minifigures Series

To celebrate International Women’s Day March 8, we highlight the introduction of female minifigures as we continue the diverse minifigures series. Female minifigures first appeared two months after male minifigures were introduced in 1978. These first minifigures all had the same generic smiley face. Therefore, LEGO® identified female minifigures by adding longer hair. The very first female minifigure was a

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