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Pandemic Problem: How to get Minifigures Series 20?

Minifigures series 20 came out on April 19, 2020. At that point, many Canadians had been in pandemic lockdown for a month. While essential services remained open, most retailers shut down. The usual outlets for aquiring a collectible Minifigure (CMF) series were gone. Additionally, while some “essential” stores carried Minifigures, safety measures prevented feeling blind bags. Therefore, the question arises,

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Message from the LEGO® Group

Message form the LEGO Group

I love the LEGO® Group. I genuinely feel like they care for their fans and the world in general. These feelings are only fortified when messages like this one are sent out. Today, the LEGO® Ambassador Network received a video message from Julia Goldin, chief marketing officer at the LEGO® Group. We were given permission to share this with the

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LEGO® Stores Closed Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Schools, workplaces, and more are locking their doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, LEGO® Stores closed and join the growing list.  This is in addition to the earlier closure of Bricks & Pieces online. The official notice from the LEGO® Group reads: In these days of uncertainty it’s important to stay safe. Yesterday, we closed all of our owned and operated

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