Minifigure Monday

Minifigure Monday has been a staple here at True North Bricks since 2016. It has gone through a few different iterations, but in 2017 the concept began to come into its own. It has always been an outlet for me to practice my photography. But, in early 2017, I began to tell the story of each photo through a poem. Poetry was never something that I thought I was even remotely interested in. However, it has really grown on me as an art form, and I have found that I really enjoy playing with words. Who knew LEGO® would lead me to photography, and eventually poetry? You can peruse the poems that I have published here by using the links below. Some are inspired by Minifigures, others by life events, but all are written by me and accompanied by a Minifigure photo or two.

The most recent Minifigure Monday posts are: