Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

This year, for Valentine’s Day, I decided to make something for my wife rather than go out an buy a trinket. A few months ago, I had written her a poem which I posted here as a Minifigure Monday rhyme. I thought it would be nice for her to have that poem framed on her desk so that she can have a reminder of how much she means to me. So, I went out and I found another set of the Minifigures that I used in the post. I bought a shadowbox frame that could accommodate the Minifigures. Then, I made a background by painting some watercolor paper yellow, and stamping it with a painted LEGO® plate in red. I added a little scrapbook paper to accent the background, and a sticker of a LEGO® brick. As I mentioned, the poem was an original one that I wrote a while back, which was:

Contemplate a LEGO® Brick

Contemplate a LEGO® brick,
It will stick through thin and thick.
Plastic that will not degrade,
With bright colors that won’t fade.

I am like that LEGO® brick,
But it is to you I stick.
You and I will not degrade,
My love for you will not fade.


The end product for my wife’s Valentine’s gift this year.

So, yes, I gave my wife LEGO® for Valentine’s Day. But, I think she loved it. And, yes, I know I am a geek.

Until next time,



Minifigure Monday – For This News, You Should Be Braced…

For This News, You Should Be Braced…
(An original life inspired poem from True North Bricks.)

You think you have to make great haste,
And time for others you can’t waste.
So past all people you have raced,
And cut them off in poor taste.
Well, for this news, you should be braced,
Your self-importance is misplaced.
It is high time the truth was faced,
Around you, not a soul feels graced.


I always thought the Yuppie from Minifigures series 17 looked like a total douchbag…

Minifigure Monday – Dream there was a window here…

Dream there was a window here…
(An original LEGO® inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Take a step outside your door, and walk down the street.
Contemplate what came before, underneath your feet.
Dream there was a window here, through your paradigm,
And today could disappear, for a look through time.
Flipping through the centuries, as you’d read a book.
All the planet’s memories, just for you to look.
What stood in this very spot, but ages ago?
Would you look, or would you not, would you want to know?


This poem was inspired by the LEGO® Woolly Mammoth from the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base set.

Want your own LEGO® Mammoth?

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Happy International LEGO® Day 2019

Happy International LEGO® Day
(An original LEGO® inspired poem from True North Bricks)

I’ve counted down the sleeps in wait,
Today is going to be great.
But, why is this a special date,
This January twenty-eight?
It was this day in ’58,
The LEGO® brick they did create.
And generations did elate,
With no sign that it will abate.
So, go break out that LEGO® crate,
For this multi-nation fête.
Today, go play and innovate,
It’s LEGO® Day, go celebrate.


Go forth, play, and build. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Minifigure Monday – On the Bridge

On the Bridge
(An original Minifigure inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Think about the life I know,
On the bridge, water below.
Sometimes a torrential flow.
Sometimes but a trickle slow.
Always past the waters go,
Moments swept away in tow.


This poem was inspired by a random shot that took of my Ninjago City set.

Minifigure Monday – My Own Beat

My Own Beat
(An original LEGO® and Harry Potter inspired limerick from True North Bricks)

I am strutting down the street,
Proud to walk on my two feet.
Don’t care for the status quo,
Nor do I go with the flow.
I rock out to my own beat.


This post was inspired by the Luna Lovegood Minifigure from the Harry Potter series.