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Fairy Bricks Magic at Montreal Children’s Hospital

Fairy Bricks magic found its way to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, making an important contribution to therapeutic play. Recently an opportunity came my way through the LEGO® Ambassador Network. Another recognized LEGO® community, Fairy Bricks, presented LEGO® Ambassadors with the chance to do something nice for children. Fairy Bricks is a charitable organization from the UK. Their goal is to

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LEGO® Group Flies High

Following a year of financial growth, awards, and international brand recognition, the LEGO® Group flies high into 2020. On March 4, the LEGO® Group released their annual earnings and revenue statement for 2019. To summarize, sales grew by 5.6% over 2018. Additionally, revenue went up 6% and profits increased. The company also expanded in all its global markets. They opened

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The Manny Interview (LEGO® Masters)

In episode four of LEGO® Masters USA, teams competed to build epic movie scenes featuring blockbuster genres. Following appearances by celebrity guests and a major twist, one team went home. Sadly, that team was Manny and Nestor. True North Bricks, The Brothers Brick, Brickset, and BZPower caught up with Manny for an interview following the elimination. Click here to read the Episode

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Movie Genres (LEGO® Masters)

Episode four, Movie Genres (LEGO® Masters) aired on February 26, 2020. Consequently, contestants faced the challenge of constructing a movie scene from a specific genre in just eight hours. Upon completion, guest stars Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (writers and directors of the LEGO® Movie) assigned each team a new theme to incorporate into their previous build. In the end,

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