October 1, 2023

Insiders Backpack Review: Is It Worth 3300 Points?

You may have noticed a backpack in the Insiders Rewards center (formerly VIP rewards). It is one of two bag options currently available, the other being a cross body option. I was curious about them because I would not mind having a LEGO® bag. I figured a backpack suits my needs better, so I took the dive and spent some of my points. The “foldable” aspect had me a little wary. However, I figured at the worst, I get to provide a review that might help some of you decide if the bag is worth your points. After all, the rewards center provides pretty much no useful information about this product. So, let’s dive into the Insiders Backpack!

The Insiders Backpack is in the collectibles section of the rewards center website.

To begin with, you have to make a purchase to get this backpack. You don’t pay for the bag itself since it is a points redemption. However, as with all points redemptions, you acquire a code to enter at checkout. The backpack ships with your purchase. With Batman Day coming up, I wanted to order something to celebrate one of my favorite superheroes. Consequently, I picked up the new version of the 1989 Batmobile (76224). I admit, I was a little surprised when I opened the box and found just how foldable the Insiders backpack is. The packaging is scant as well, just some tissue paper with a sticker on top. Though I don’t really consider that to be an issue.

They weren’t kidding when they said “foldable”.

Insiders backpack packaging.
The backpack arrives folded in a very small package (Minifigure for scale).

Removing the tissue paper reveals a pouch with the side view of a Minifigure printed on it. This pouch unfolds into the backpack, subsequently becoming a small, interior pocket. Unfolded, the backpack is about 39 cm tall, 28 cm wide, and 10 cm thick. It comfortably fits a smaller LEGO® box, like the Batmobile that I purchased. I was a little worried the bag would be too small for me. However, I don’t think it looks that bad (I’m 6’1″ for reference.)

The backpack is not huge, but it is bigger than I thought upon seeing the folded up pouch. The material is what you’d expect from a very light, thin windbreaker. Be warned, it smells. There was a strong chemical odor when I opened the packaging. However, after 24 hours of airing, the smell significantly reduced. I am hopeful it will vanish entirely with time. There are three pockets. The aforementioned interior pouch and the front pocket with Minifigure printing are both a good size. Wallets, keys, cell phones, etc fit easily in the front. My cell phone did not fit in the small, interior pouch though. Finally, the bag has a third pocket on the side. It is open with no seal, and kind of pointless in my opinion. It is where I’d like to put a water bottle, but it is too narrow for a water bottle.

This is not a school or work bag.

Would I use this bag for work or school? No, there is not nearly enough cushioning or support for something like a laptop. In fact, my 17″ laptop doesn’t even fit in it. Additionally, the material is thin. So, you’ll feel anything with corners (like a textbook or binder) through the bag. However, as a day pack for a walk in the park or light hike, the Insiders backpack might just work. You can fit a change of summer clothes, or a light extra layer in the main compartment. Alternatively, the main section can fit your water bottle, even if the side pocket can’t. Or, you can transport a small LEGO® set to build somewhere. The jury remains out on how durable the bag is though. I have yet to use it anywhere. But, doubt it will withstand rugged use.

The Insiders Backpack functions well as a light-use day pack.

Ultimately, if you need a day pack for light use, I think the Insiders backpack works well. I can see myself using this on a walk through the park, or even an outdoor event where I need an extra water bottle or something. However, I don’t think it will withstand heavy loads, and it certainly doesn’t have the capacity or structural support for day-to-day school or work use. What do you think? Will you use your points to pick up the Insiders backpack? Do you have one already? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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Check the Insiders Backpack out in my video!

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