September 27, 2023
October 2022 Haul

October 2022 Haul

October was a big month for me. I got to attend my first influencer event. At the same time, I visited two LEGO® Stores in New York City (Flatiron and Fifth Avenue), and happened upon a third in an airport. There was double VIP points and a number of awesome gift-with-purchase options. Throughout most of those, I was pretty well behaved. However, Bricktober at Toys R Us hooked me this year. In fact, it enticed me so much that I pretty much skipped double VIP points (more on that later). Ultimately, I bought two large sets in order to score the Bricktober exclusives. But enough babble, bring on the LEGO®! Here’s my October 2022 haul.

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As mentioned before, my purchases this month were completely Bricktober driven. Toys R Us offered the Pirate and Space Adventure Rides with purchases over $80 CAD. These are both amazing sets. The packaging is phenomenal and I hope to see more like that in future GWPs. The sets are loads of fun too. They make great shelf displays or rides in a MOC amusement park setup. I love GWPs that get me excited enough to go out and intentionally make a purchase just to get them. Ultimately, I’d make the purchases anyway, but getting a great, free set makes it that much better.

The Pirate Adventure ride started the month off. I bought the City Barn and Farm animals in order to get it. I did not want to spend too much more than the $80 required to get it. The barn set came closest on my wish list. I have debated this set since it came out earlier this year. It is SO overpriced. However, the animal figurines appeal to me. I wanted a sale, but Bricktober came first.

Barn and Farm Animals from my October 2022 Haul.

Afterwards, I went to New York. As fate would have it, double VIP points was on as I perused the Flatiron and 5th Avenue stores. I’m still marginally shocked that I didn’t spend more money. I did not buy anything at the Flatiron Store. On 5th Avenue, I had to try the Minifigure Factory. I also bought a New York Minifigure magnet. Both items fit in my carry-on, and they were the extent of my double VIP points shopping. The terrible exchange rate helped a lot. Every set I want is currently cheaper for me to buy in Canada.

Once home, I decided to reward myself for being so good in New York. The second Bricktober GWP was out at Toys R Us. Since I was rewarding myself, I went a little overboard. I love the original Avatar movie, and I have high hopes for the sequel. I picked up Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls. It easily landed me Space Adventure Ride. I like sets that include trees. I want to learn how to build a variety of different trees so that I can build a nice forest some day.

Toruk Makto and the Tree of Souls from my October 2022 haul.

That’s it for my October 2022 haul. Interestingly, my November haul has already begun… You can get a sneak peek over on my TikTok channel. November has the potential to be a huge month though… VIP weekend and Black Friday are coming up. The LEGO® Group has a history of releasing a huge new set and multiple GWPs around this time of year. What are you looking forward to? Did you have an October haul? Comment below or reach out on social media 🙂

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