December 3, 2023

Most Popular YouTube Brand

The LEGO® Group hit another milestone recently by becoming the most popular brand on YouTube. Additionally, the competition was not even close. The two runners up combined did not amass the same viewership. Buy Shares, an online financial education hub, collected and announced the findings. According to their research second place went to VAT19, while IDJVideos came in third. The former is a channel dealing in “curiously awesome gifts”, while the latter is a music channel from the Balkans. Other brands in the top 10 include Coca-Cola, My Little Pony, and Angry Birds.

Buy Shares speculates that one reason for the LEGO® Group’s success is fan engagement. Rather than controlling video content, sharing is encouraged. Additionally, the brand  leverages fan media to that end. Buy Shares’ findings cite numbers gathered in June 2020. They report the LEGO® channel had over 10.4 billion views at the time. However, the LEGO® Group’s about page on YouTube currently reports 11,682,998,828 views and 9.66 million subscribers since its inception on October 22, 2005.

This news comes after an already stellar start to the year. Earlier in 2020, the LEGO® Group announced strong sales and growth throughout 2019. Additionally, they scored three Toy of Year awards, and were named the world’s most reputable company by the Reputation Institute. Not bad for the first half of 2020. What is the next milestone after achieving most popular YouTube brand status?

Click here to visit the LEGO® YouTube channel.

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Baltrusaitis, J. “LEGO hits over 10 billion views on YouTube, becomes most popular brand channel.” Buy Shares, 23 July 2020, click here to view the original article.

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