J.B. Coloring Page

A long while passed since my last coloring page post. In fact, the last one I posted was on Halloween of 2019! Hopefully there has not been too much disappointment. With that said, this week I am back with a Hidden Side J.B. coloring page. My last foray into the theme with Parker Jackson in October was quite popular, so I thought I would given Hidden Side another go.

Download the J.B. Coloring Page:

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This coloring page is for personal use only.
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The reason for my coloring page hiatus is simple. My old computer died. I got a new machine to blog with in November. However, when I lost my old computer, I also lost Adobe Photoshop with it. Though old, my previous computer had the last version of  Photoshop that you could own outright. Nowadays, you can only subscribe to Adobe programs. I refuse to pay a subscription fee, so I have been testing out alternatives to Adobe programs. It took me a while to find a decent drawing program, and subsequently learn how to use it. While still not as proficient as I was with Photoshop, I think the quality of my drawing has reached my publication standards. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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Why color?

Building with LEGO® bricks is one of the methods that I use to bring down my stress levels. Another great tool is coloring. Coloring relaxes the amygdala. That is the part of your brain associated with fear. Consequently, coloring is a great form of stress and anxiety relief. In addition, coloring exercises both hemispheres of your brain. Staying in the lines requires logic (left side of the brain), and picking colors insights creativity (right side of the brain). I combine my enjoyment of drawing and coloring with my love for LEGO® Minifigures and bricks with these coloring pages.

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