News: June Freebie Update

There is a new freebie available to VIP cardholders at the LEGO® Store starting today (June 5). Spending $99 or more will get you a free Space Rocket Ride set valued at $16.99 CAD. This is the first time a freebie has been designed by a LEGO® fan, and it is officially part of the Ideas theme.

Space Rocket Ride set ©2019 LEGO® Group

Also remember that the NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander set was released a few days ago. VIPs can also get a Lunar Lander patch by purchasing the set. The Lunar Lander set qualifies for the Space Rocket Ride freebie as well, since it is over $99. So, planning your purchase right can get you both freebies!

Lunar Lander Patch. ©2019 LEGO® Group

If you are planning on making a purchase to acquire one or both of these freebies, consider using the affiliate links below. They will earn True North Bricks a small commission that helps to keep the content here free. Thanks for your support!

View these offers at the in Canada

View these offers in the USA

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