October 1, 2023

LEGO-fied: Abrickham Lincoln

I recently happened across some dry ice that was going to go to waste. I took it home with me, thinking it might lend itself well to some photography. It also happened that I had just filled out my collection of LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigures… including Apocalypseburg Abe. Suddenly, the image of the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie poster appeared in my mind, and this month’s LEGO-fied project began. The set was pretty simple, baseplate, some trees, and Abe. The hard part was getting the lighting and dry ice to cooperate. I ended up with a precariously balanced flashlight angled down on the scene, and two Rubbermaid snack containers partially filled with water and dry ice just outside the frame. I had to place the camera on a timer, because both my hands were needed to tilt the Rubbermaids so that the sublimating carbon dioxide would flow into the shot. The end result:

If you are interested in reading more about the LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigure series, you can check out my review by clicking here. Otherwise, I welcome your commentary below. 

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