May 30, 2023

MOC: Police Station – Level 6

If you are just joining me this week, this is the sixth installment in a series that outlines my custom LEGO® police station. To navigate to other parts in the series, you can use the following links:

Level 6 of my custom police station

Level 6 is the uppermost level of my police station. The elevator opens up into an office space for the police commissioner. He has a fairly sophisticated computer set-up that I pilfered from the Attack on Avengers Tower set (click here to read my review). Since I am pretty big Batman fan, the commissioner in my city is none other than Commissioner Gordon.

The police commissioner’s office in my custom police station.

Gordon’s office has a door onto a balcony. I placed the Bat-signal from the Batman Movie Accessory Pack polybag up here (click here to read the review). I loved that build from the moment I got it almost two years ago, and have kept it built ever since. Now, it finally has a place in my LEGO® city.

Time to light up the Bat-signal.

There are two sets of stairs leading away from the balcony. One is a fire escape which can be raised and lowered. It brings Minifigs down to the neighboring rooftop. From there, they can access the fire escape ladder that leads into the alley at street level. The other set of stairs leads up to the rooftop of the police station. There is a helipad up on the roof.

My custom police station rooftop with helipad.

So concludes the look at my custom LEGO® police station. I certainly hope you have enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed building it! This police station is actually part of an entire city block that was built on one large baseplate. So, in the coming weeks, I will detail some of the other buildings I included.

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