December 2, 2023

MOC: Police Station – Level 5

If you are just joining me this week, this is the fifth installment in a series that outlines my custom LEGO® police station. To navigate to other parts in the series, you can use the following links:

This week, I am really excited to present the fifth level of my custom LEGO® police station. Being a scientist at heart, this is my favorite part of the project. Level five of my police station is the CSI lab for processing evidence from crime scenes. I have set it up so that my lab technicians are working to identify the skeletal remains of an unknown Minifigure.

CSI lab on level 5 of my custom LEGO® police station.

There is a lot going on in my little laboratory. Examining the image above, you can see the autopsy table where the Minifigure remains are being studied. At the foot of the table, there is a sink, and a chest of drawers for storing the dissection tools. Next to the table (left of the image), I have placed a stand with an overhead lamp for extra illumination of the specimen, as well as a swiveling arm with a magnifying glass for seeing minute details more clearly. On the lab bench behind the autopsy table, another Minifigure is busy examining samples using the microscope, with a pad of paper on the table ready for notes. Though only partially visible in this picture, there is also a computer on the lab bench (right hand side of the image, the vertical curved surface is the rear of the screen).

Chemistry lab bench in my custom LEGO® CSI lab.

In the corner behind the microscope station, there is a chemistry experiment in the works. You can see an electronic balance (with a red jar on top), next to a ceramic cooling plate with an Erlenmeyer flask on top (green liquid). Look carefully and you will see a dinosaur calendar on the back wall, which I re-purposed from the Jurassic World Stygimoloch Breakout set (click here to read my review of that set). There is also a Bunsen burner heating up another Erlenmeyer flask, which is attached to a retort stand. The machine you see in the corner is an autoclave for experiments requiring high heat, or for the sterilization of autopsy tools. On the back wall is an evidence board.

Safety shower and adjacent elevator in my LEGO® CSI lab.

Given that there is work being done with chemicals, no chemistry lab would be complete without a safety shower for emergencies. This shower is tucked away in the corner next to the elevator door (marked “police”). There is actually also a fire extinguisher on the wall next to the safety shower, but I can’t angle my camera to actually catch it in a photograph well.

Fume hood and samples fridge in my custom LEGO® CSI lab.

Since chemistry can occasionally involve toxic fumes, and lab safety is important, in the above image, you can see there is also a fume hood. The yellow device next to it is the fridge and freezer for storing samples. Both the smaller, upper door (freezer), and the larger, lower door (fridge) open to reveal stored samples. Behind the Minifigure is the door to the chemical storage locker. You will also notice a stud on the lab bench in the foreground. This stud is where the computer that I mentioned earlier sits. I removed it for this photo to give a clearer view of the fume hood and fridge.

Chemical storage locker in my custom LEGO® CSI lab.

Last, but not least, is the all important chemical storage locker. It is situated on the opposite side of the elevator from the safety shower. It is important to have a space to safely store flammable or dangerous substances. This room is separated from the rest of the lab by door.

Overhead view of my custom LEGO® CSI lab

I had a lot of fun designing this level of the police station. I couldn’t squeeze in everything my science-geek heart would have desired, but I think I did a pretty good job of representing some of the lab environment staples. Have you built your own science lab out of LEGO®? Let me know about it in the comments below.

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Overhead view of my custom LEGO® CSI lab.


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