December 4, 2023

October 2018 LEGO® Haul

This year was supposed to be the year that I finally took part in Bricktober, and finally got myself one of those exclusive Toys R Us Minifigure packs. In the past, I have always made my October purchase at the LEGO® Store because I have always felt that double VIP points, and whatever monthly freebie that went with it, was always a better deal. Don’t get me wrong, I think those Bricktober Minifigure packs are awesome, and I have been tempted by them each and every year. But, double points and a freebie trumps four Minifigs in my personal opinion. This year, with no announcement of double VIP points when the October LEGO® Store calendar came out, I decided to go with Toys R Us. But, it was not meant to be…

My October 2018 LEGO® Haul (with some festive props).

As it turned out, double VIP points was back this October. Instead of being the whole month, like it has been in the past, it was announced partway through the month, and only for the last two weeks of October. On a recent trip to the LEGO® Store, I asked an associate about the fact these events have not been advertised the last few times, and I was told that LEGO® Store employees don’t even know they are coming until they start nowadays. In any case, I opted to make a big purchase that I have been eyeing for some time in order to rack up my points. I bought Ninjago City Docks, and a pick-a-brick cup (they had 1×1 and 1×2 dark grey bricks that I am in desperate need of for my MOCs). That also landed me the freebie Minifigure frame that is currently being offered with purchases over $75.

Box art for the October 2018 Minifigure frame freebie.

In terms of the frame, I was a little underwhelmed. I have seen Minifig frames for sale before, and have even been tempted to get one. However, this one is nothing really special. The whole thing is actually cardboard. I will still put it up for now, but one day I might change it for a higher quality one. I can’t complain too much about this because it was free. You also get a 32×32 baseplate with it, and  bunch of pieces used to build the Minifigure stands. A baseplate this size with normally set you back $10. So, if you don’t like the cardboard frame, you can trash it for a the new, dark grey baseplate that is glue to it. There is also a LEGO® printed tile in the mix.

The freebie LEGO® frame with the Minifigure stands assembled.

This frame also comes with an exclusive Minifigure. I quite like this character. He comes with a rubber duck flotation device, like the one we saw in the LEGO® Batman Movie Minifigure series. It is really his facial expressions and t-shirt that I find amusing though. He has a double-sided face, with one side featuring Kanye-style sunglasses. The other side, which you don’t get to see on the packaging and ads, is this hilarious whistling expression that makes him look like he’s checking out some hottie walking by. To add to the story, he’s wearing a cheese-ball tank top that shows a muffin with the word “stud” written on it.

So, am I sad that I missed out on the great Bricktober promos this year? A little. But, I now have enough VIP points to get a pretty decent sized, free set. The frame was nice to get as a freebie, and at worst it gives me a cool Minifig, and a free baseplate. While it is cardboard, I will still use it to display the Minifig series I am collecting at any given time. How do you feel about this year’s Bricktober versus double VIP points/frame promotions? I’m curious to hear which option you went for and what your reasoning was.

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Alternate expression of the exclusive Minifigure that comes with the October 2018 LEGO® Store Minifig frame freebie.

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  1. It can be really interesting talking with the Lego store employees. Most of the ones I met are real Lego enthusiasts, and they get just as excited about this stuff as we do. In the past, a few of them have been excited enough to let certain things slip. So I sort of get why Lego might be keeping info from them now.

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