Coloring Page – Bane

This coloring page has been a long time coming. I have wanted to draw Bane from the LEGO® Batman Movie ever since I got the Toxic Truck Attack set over a year ago (click here to read the review). There is actually a lot of detail on this big-fig though, and the idea of drawing those cables seemed like a lot of work. Sure enough, when I actually sat down to finally draw this, it took me over a week of tinkering on and off… and most of that went to the cables… Bane himself was done on the first day. This is probably my favorite big-fig to date though, so he had to end up as a coloring page! Use the link below to download your free, printable PDF file (it will open in a new window). Happy coloring!

Click here to download a PDF of this coloring page.


This is a sample of the Bane coloring page, it is not print quality.