September 28, 2023

MOC: Police Station – Level 2

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Part of the reason that I wanted the lower two levels of my custom police station to look grey and cold was because the second floor houses the jail cells. While it is not a flat out prison, this area has to be pretty secure considering that it can hold some of LEGO® city’s most dangerous criminals.

Level two houses the police station jail cells.

There are two cells on this floor. The larger of the two cells has a bunk bed, sink, and toilet. The cell also has a barred window with a rather poor view… it opens up into the train tunnel. I also included a play feature that I alluded to when I discussed level one of this project. There was a slide section built into level one. This slide actually begins right under the toilet of this large jail cell. It is meant to be a sewage drain. The floor under the toilet can be lifted up to expose the slide. A Minifigure can slide down and escape into the sewer, which opens up in the train tunnel.

A hidden escape tunnel opens up under the toilet of one of the jail cells. The tunnel is a slide leading into the adjacent train tunnel.

I love when LEGO® includes fun, story-building features in their larger sets. For example, the cookie smuggling operation seen in the Creator Detective’s Office set. I knew early on when I began to plan this project that I wanted a similar idea in my police station. Early iterations of this included a ventilation duct, and a blowout wall leading to a storm drain under the shopping promenade (which joins the third floor of the police station). In the end, the storm drain became the sewage drain seen in the image above. I also thought an escape through the toilet was too funny to pass up.

The other jail cell only fits one Minifigure. There are no play features hidden in it, but it does have a sink, toilet, and bed. I included it so that male and female prisoners could be kept separate until they are either released, or transported to a yet un-built prison.

The smaller, single occupancy jail cell in my custom police station.

One of the features which I greatly enjoyed in the actual LEGO® police station that I bought (click here to read the review) was the criminal booking area. So, I also included one in my own design. The height chart from the original set is on the wall, and I also placed a camera and computer terminal facing it so that police officers can take digital shots of the perps.

Criminal booking station in my custom police station

This level of the police station is only accessible via stairs. You can come up into this level from the garage below, or down from the main reception level one floor above. It was made to be secure in that sense, since it is a jail. There is still a fair amount of natural light though, as the booking station is right next to a large window overlooking the street outside. You wouldn’t want the police to have suffer in a dark environment after all.

An overhead view of the second level of my custom police station.

So concludes the tour of the cell block and second level of my custom LEGO® police station. Be sure to tune in again next week for a tour of the third floor, reception level. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments field below. If you are enjoying this series on my latest MOC, I would love it if you followed me here on WordPress (click the “follow” option in the menu to your right), on Facebook, or Twitter for regular updates.

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