Coloring Page – Bear

The bear is an animal that has appeared in several LEGO® sets. It originally showed up as a brown bear in set 4440, the Forest Police Station in 2011. Later, the same mold was used for the polar bear seen in Arctic Base Camp (60036) from 2014. Currently, the polar bear has become available again with the Arctic Scout Truck (60194). Additionally, a new color variant, the black bear, is now available in the Mountain Arrest (60173) and the Mining Experts Site (60188). I bought the Mountain Arrest set almost exclusively for the black bear included in the kit. I love LEGO® animals. So, to go along with this week’s set review, you can use the link below to download a free LEGO® bear coloring page (the PDF will open in a new window). Happy coloring!

Click here to download your free bear coloring page.


This is a sample of the bear coloring page, it is not print quality. Use the link above to download a free, printable PDF.

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